Banana Pear Milkshake Recipe|Easy Milkshake Recipes

Banana Pear Milkshake Recipe
Banana Pear Milkshake Recipe

Banana Pear Milkshake Recipe. A very refreshing and filling milkshake made with banana and pears.

Banana and Pear are fruits that have natural and simple sugar in them. Since banana and pear provide a good source of energy-producing nutrients, I often make Banana Pear Milkshake Recipe for our breakfast. My neighbor make this Banana Pear Milkshake Recipe very often, and she was the one who taught me this recipe. Every morning, once she returns from Gym, she will drink this energy-boost Banana Pear Milkshake.

We buy banana and pear fruits from Costco. So, when I buy them from Costco, I would have at least fifteen pears and a dozen of banana. Pears get spoiled soon. In order to use them wisely, I make Banana Pear Milkshake Recipe for the breakfast. Apart from vitamins and minerals, do you know that banana and pear are rich in dietary fiber? Some of us would peel the skin of pears, but I use them in my smoothie just because it helps in digestion problems and constipation. If you have a sweet tongue, you will surely like this Banana Pear Milkshake Recipe.

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Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipe |Chocolate Pizza| Nutella Dessert Pizza

Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipe, Chocolate Pizza, Nutella Dessert Pizza

Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipe

Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipe, Chocolate Pizza, Nutella Dessert Pizza – An attractive and delicious pizza made with fruits and Nutella.

I had nutella which is going to expire in two months. Somehow, i did not notice that it was lying in my pantry for few months. I don’t want to give it to Sanvi and let her finish it up that quickly. My friend Vanessa is an expert in cooking and also loves to explore recipes. She then said why don’t you try Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipe. All it takes is five minutes. She bought the pre-baked pizza and we tried it on last friday evening. You won’t believe me. She tasted only a slice of Fruit Dessert Pizza and the rest went into our stomach in no time. You get a chocolaty taste along with the flavor of chunks of banana and strawberry. Just loved it. I am going to make Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipe for potlucks and school parties. Kids would just love it. So here comes the Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipe.

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Guava Juice Recipe

Home made Fresh Guava Juice Recipe, Guava Juice Recipe

Guava Juice Recipe

Guava Juice Recipe – An easy and yummy juice that is made with guava fruit.

Guava is very good for health. Guava helps in the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, and high blood pressure.

During my childhood days, I would eat guava very often. Eating guava is not a big thing at all. When my dad insists me to eat at least one guava a day, I would hesitate a little. After I moved to USA, I don’t get to eat guava much. Past ten years, I’ve had it only four or five times. I’ve been missing guava a lot. Luckily, I saw guavas last week and thought I’ll make juice out of it. It tasted good and we liked it. When you make Guava Juice, make sure you strain it, if not when you drink you’ll get seeds in between.

If you are looking for more Summer Drinks, you can refer my Summer Drinks post.

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Pepper Kuzhambu Recipe|Milagu Kuzhambu

Pepper Kuzhambu Recipe, Milagu Kuzhambu

Pepper Kuzhambu Recipe

Pepper Kuzhambu Recipe – A traditional, flavorful and tongue-tickling kuzhambu made with pepper corns.

I like Pepper Kuzhambu a lot. In the past, I have tried so many Pepper Kuzhambu recipes, but none of the recipe came close to this recipe. This Pepper Kuzhambu is mouth-watering and so flavorful that you cannot resist it at all. Pepper Kuzhambu goes well with rice, Dosa and Idli.

Peppercorns have got so many goodness: provides relief from respiratory disorders, coughs, common cold, and indigestion. Gj would want me to make this kuzhambu very often in Winter or whenever one of us have running nose or cold at home.

Our family loves this Pepper Kuzhambu so much. Hope you all like it too.

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Rose Lassi Recipe|how to make rose lassi recipe

Rose Lassi Recipe, How to Make Rose Lassi Recipe
Rose Lassi Recipe

Rose Lassi Recipe – A sweet lassi made with rose essence, yogurt/curd and sugar.

Rose Lassi is very similar to Sweet Lassi except that it is flavored with rose syrup. It tastes so good and that too for this hot summer, it is definitely worth a try. Gj likes Rose Milk and Rose Popsicle and I make them very often during Summer. This Summer, I made him Rose Lassi and he liked it too. If I have curd/yoghurt at home, then he would ask me for Rose Lassi.

My friends would serve Rose Lassi along with rose petals in India. I don’t get rose petals here. So, I don’t add any rose petals in my Rose Lassi.
When you serve a frothy rose drink, how would you not like it? Try it out for this Summer and you’ll love it.

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Mushroom Recipes | Easy Mushroom Recipes

A collection of mushroom recipes.

Vegetarian Recipes

Mushroom Recipes -Mushroom Curry Recipe Mushroom Recipes - How to make mushroom fried riceMushroom Recipes - Mushroom Tikka Masala RecipeMushroom Recipes - Mushroom Kuzhambu Recipe

Mushroom Recipes - How to make Mushroom Stir Fry  Mushroom Recipes - Mushroom Omelette RecipeMushroom Recipes - how to make cream of mushroom soup

Non-Vegetarian Recipes

Mushroom Recipes - how to make fish mandarin recipe Mushroom Recipes - how to make chicken mushroom soup

Tomato Pasta Recipe|Tomato Garlic Pasta

Tomato Pasta Recipe, Tomato Garlic Pasta

Tomato Pasta Recipe

Tomato Pasta Recipe – An easy and flavorful pasta made with fresh tomatoes and garlic.

I learned this Tomato Pasta recipe from my friend Vanessa. I asked her if she could teach me some tomato pasta recipes. She said Tomato Pasta is very easy to make and made the pasta for me. Gj and myself loved it so much. I had always thought that pasta dishes need a lot of cheese in it. Gj is not a cheese person. So, when I asked Vanessa if she could make this Tomato Pasta without cheese, she smiled and said I don’t need to add cheese for this pasta. WoW!
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Maida Burfi | Maida Cake |Easy Diwali Sweets

Maida Burfi, Maida Cake
Maida Burfi

Maida Burfi, Maida Cake – An easy, quick and delicious sweet made using all purpose flour, sugar and ghee.

I wanted to make an elaborate meal for Diwali this time because it is Sanvi’s First Diwali Celebration. I was planning to make few sweets, savouries, and a meal also. I thought the sweets and savories must be quite simple to make.

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Capsicum Fried Rice Recipe|Bell Pepper Fried Rice

Capsicum Fried Rice Recipe, Bell Pepper Fried Rice, Kudai Milagai Sadam
Capsicum Fried Rice Recipe

Capsicum Fried Rice Recipe, Bell Pepper Fried Rice – An easy and flavorful fried rice made with capsicum/bell pepper.

I love Fried Rice recipe and like to taste them with different veggies. Though I eat Capsicum Fried Rice Recipe very often these days, I cannot forget the taste of the fried rice that I had during my childhood days. Ohh my God! My brother used to buy fried rice from a near by restaurant. The fried rice will have smoky flavor and will taste so good. Till date, he refuses to tell me from where he bought the fried rice. He keeps it as a big secret. Also, my father used to buy fried rice from his favorite shop near to his workplace. You have to stand in queue to buy it. The fried rice that we buy here does not have a smoky flavor, but taste so good. I miss both the flavors a lot. Its been 10 years since I had them. I heard from my family that both the restaurants doesn’t exist anymore.

My Mushroom Fried Rice tastes similar to the fried rice that my brother bought. My Indian Egg Fried Rice tastes very similar to he fried rice that my father bought during my childhood days. Other healthy fried rice that I make often is Egg and Soyabean Sprouts Fried Rice. Now I am glad to add this Capsicum Fried Rice to my list of fried rice recipes.

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Beans Mezhukkupuratti Recipe|Kerala Beans Stir Fry

Beans Mezhukkupuratti Recipe, Kerala Beans Stir Fry

Kerala Beans Stir Fry Recipe

Beans Mezhukkupuratti Recipe or Kerala Beans Stir Fry – A simple and easy Kerala style fry made with beans.

Beans Mezhukkypuratti is a very easy and common dish made in Kerela. The same recipe can be made with many veggies like carrot, raw plantain, yam etc. It is very similar to our Beans Poriyal. In this recipe, we use coconut oil and stir fry beans in the onion garlic paste. You can serve this beans stir fry with cooked rice, dal and even sambar. I am sure you will all like it.

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Mint Masala Chaas Recipe | Pudina Masala Chass

Mint Masala Chaas Recipe, Pudina Masala Chass

Mint Masala Chaas Recipe

Mint Masala Chaas Recipe – An easy and quick Chaas flavored with mint leaves.

Pudina Chaas is very similar to Masala Chaas and Neer Moru. It is a flavored chaas recipe and you could either drink it or have it along with cooked rice. Both ways, it tastes so good. Also, Mint Masala Chaas aids digestion and helps to beat the heat. So why wait? Make Mint Masala Chaas and cool your body.

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Broccoli Recipes | Easy and Healthy Broccoli Recipes

Broccoli Recipes, Easy and Healthy Broccoli Recipes

A collection of easy broccoli recipes with stepwise pictures.

Please click on the picture to see the recipe with stepwise pictures.

how to make broccoli poriyal How to make Broccoli Aval Rice How to make Broccoli Soup

How to make Broccoli Usili Recipe How to make GYM Omelette Recipe Potato Broccoli Stir Fry

Grapes Popsicle Recipe|Popsicle Recipes

Grapes Popsicle Recipe

Grapes Popsicle Recipe

Grapes Popsicle Recipe – An easy, delicious and satisfying popsicle made with black grapes.

Right from my childhood, I have a strong liking towards Grape Juice. During my childhood days, my mom would take me out to market everyday. She would either buy me a fresh juice or make fresh juice at home for the family. When she asks me what juice I want, one of my options would be Grape Juice. I like Grape Juice so much. Only after moving to USA, I came to know that we could make Grape Popsicles at home. Every Summer, I make Grape Popsicle, Kesar Kulfi and Mango Kulfi often.

Grapes Popsicle is such an easy popsicle to make. You just need two ingredients and two minutes of time. Kids will definitely love this dessert. This year, I am planning to post Grapes Sorbet, Grapes Granita and Grapes Juice.

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Apple Milkshake Recipe|Apple Milkshake

Apple Milkshake Recipe

Apple Milkshake Recipe

Apple Milkshake Recipe – An easy and quick milkshake made with apples and milk.

Apples are extremely rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber. Apples help to reduce the risk of developing cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Apples contains nutrients like vitamin C, B-Complex vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus. If you have a bad cholesterol, then you should make it a point to eat this miracle fruit ‘apple’ a lot.

Right from my childhood days till date, the one milkshake that I make very often is the Apple Milkshake. Gj and Sanvi love them a lot. We always have apple in stock at home, so even when I have surprise guest at home, I’ll make Apple Milkshake for them. The other Apple Milkshake recipe that I like is Apple Banana Milkshake. Hope you like both the milkshake recipes.

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Lemon Oats Recipe|How to make lemon oats

Lemon Oats Recipe

lemon oats recipe

Lemon Oats Recipe – A healthy Indian breakfast dish made with Oats and lemon. Lemon Oats recipe is similar to Lemon Rice.

I am planning to post many oats recipes in the following weeks. This week, it is Lemon Oats recipe. Lemon Oats is a very simple and easy recipe to make. It is very similar to Oats Upma and Lemon Rice. You just cook oats and season it with turmeric powder and lemon juice. Sounds so simple right??? Try it out and you’ll like it. You don’t need a side dish for this dish as it is a wholesome meal.

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Kadamba Sambar Recipe | Mixed Vegetable Sambar

Kadamba Sambar Recipe, Mixed Vegetable Sambar

Kadamba Sambar Recipe

Kadamba Sambar Recipe
– A traditional Sambar made with lot of vegetables and is served on festivals and weddings.

Kadamba Sambar is a famous Sambar in South India. it is very easy and simple to make. When I have veggies like carrot, brinjal, drumstick etc at home, then I would make this Kadamba Sambar/Mixed Vegetable Sambar.

My mom makes this Kadamba Sambar at home on festivals like Ayudha Pooja, Vinayaga Chathurthi etc. I also make Kadamba Sambar on festivals. The veggies give a good flavor to the Sambar and when you spoon a teaspoon of ghee, you get a very flavorful and aromatic Sambar.
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Wheat Pakoda Recipe|Godhumai Pakoda

Wheat Pakoda Recipe, Godhumai Pakoda

Wheat Pakoda Recipe

Wheat Pakoda Recipe – A popular mouth-watering Indian snack or fritters made with wheat flour and onions.

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Peas Pulao Recipe | Matar Pulao Recipe

Peas Pulao Recipe, Matar Pulao Recipe

Peas Pulao Recipe Peas Pulao Recipe – A simple, flavorful and easy pulao.

Peas Pulao Recipe is Sanvi’s favorite pulao, and she keeps asking me to make it again and again. I guess most of the kids love peas pulao because whenever we have potlucks, peas pulao would be the first item that kids want to taste.

If you have Ginger Garlic Paste in hand, then you can make this pulao very easily. Peas Pulao can be made using fresh or frozen peas.

If Gj requests me to make peas pulao for his office party, I would make it happily because it is very easy and simple to make. Even beginners can make this pulao very easily. Try this easy peas pulao and let me know how it came out.

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Dahi Sev Puri Recipe | Dahi Puri Recipe

Dahi Sev Puri Recipe, Dahi Puri Recipe

Dahi Sev Puri Recipe

Dahi Sev Puri Recipe – A popular and delicious Indian street chaat served as snack.

Dahi Sev Puri is made by stuffing crispy puffed puris with sweetened curd, Green ChutneySweet Chutney, coriander leaves and finally topped with Sev.

Gj and I are a big fan of Dahi Sev Puri recipe, and I make it often during the weekends. When you eat the Dahi Sev Puri, you will get a burst of flavors: sweet, spicy, salty and even sour. I am sure you are going to love it. 

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Potato Bajji Recipe|Aloo Bhajji Recipe|Batata Bhajia

Potato Bajji Recipe, Aloo Bhajji Recipe, Batata Bhajia

Potato bajji Recipe

Potato Bajji Recipe
– A quick, crispy and easy snack that can be made in 15 minutes.

Potato Bajji Recipe is my father’s all time favorite bajji. My mom makes it on Sundays for us. During my childhood days, I can have Potato Bajji as much as I could. These days, for some reason I cannot have so much. My stomach would want more Potato Bajji, but my heart would say “Nithya control yourself”. When I see the crispy and golden potato bajji, it is very difficult for me to resist.

You only need some basic ingredients to make this Potato Bajji. You can serve the Potato Bajji with Green Chutney or Coconut Chutney. I have seen my friends eating Potato Bajji with Sweet Chutney too.

You can make bajji with many veggies like Avaraikkai Bhajji, Onion Bhajji and Vazhakkai Bhajji. Of all the bajji, Potato Bajji and Vazhakkai Bhajji are well known ones. Try this Potato Bajji recipe this weekend and enjoy your tea time with family.

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