Chicken Kola Urundai Recipe| Chicken Keema Balls Recipe

Chicken Kola Urundai Recipe

When I was 3 months pregnant with Sanvi, I was craving for Chicken Kola Urundai. My mom came here for help, and she made this Chicken Kola Urundai the very next day itself. My God….it tasted so good. The taste still lingers in my mouth. She made it for Gj’s friends too. They simply loved it. Along with Chicken Kola Urundai, my mom made Chicken Kuzhambu, Fish Fry and Chicken Pakora. My happiness knew no bounds. We had enough, and could not resist at all. That was one of the best lunches I had in my life. When you crave so much for a dish, and all of a sudden you have so many favorite dishes in front of you, how much happy would you be??? When I think about Chicken Kola Urundai, I can only think of the lunch my mom made. You can serve the urundai with Coriander Yoghurt Raita and Mint Yoghurt Raita.

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Litchee Lemonade Recipe | How to make litchi lemonade | Lemonade Recipes

Lychee Lemonade Recipe

My mom loves Lychee a lot, as she used to have it when she was in Malaysia. Whenever, I go with my mom to market, when she sees Sapotta fruit, she would tell me that Lychee has also got similar appearance but would be quite small. I remember having it in Malaysia, but that was when I was 5 year old. Those days, we get Lychee very rarely in India. I heard from my friends that these days during Summer, you get lychee often. I hope most of you might have tasted the lychee fruit. Still, I can tell you that the white part of the lychee fruit tastes kind of sweet as well as refreshing. All you have to do is peel the red skin of lychee and have the white part of it. Make sure you remove the seed.

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How to’s and Basics for Beginner

Here is a collection of essentials in Indian Cooking including Basics and How to’s.

how to make gluten-free all purpose flourhow to peel almondshow to make hard boiled eggshow to make ghee at home

how to make ginger garlic pastehow to make rice flour at homehow to make urad dal flour at homehow to choose and cut pineapple

how to make paneer at homehow to make curd/yoghurt at home

Mushroom Biriyani Recipe| How to Make Mushroom Biryani | Kalan Biryani

Mushroom Biryani Recipe


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Rice Recipes | Lunch Box Recipes | South Indian Variety Rice Recipes

A collection of Indian rice recipes which includes variety of rice recipes, Pulao, Biriyani, Fried Rice etc.

Please click on the picture to view the stepwise pictures of the recipe.

Biryani, Pulao & Fried Rice

how to make french biryani how to make egg and sprouts fried ricehow to make indian egg fried ricehow to make mushroom fried rice
how to make jeera pulao how to make kashmiri pulaoHow to make mushroom biryani

Rice Varieties

how to make thulasi sadamhow to make broccoli poha ricehow to make cucumber ricehow to make keerai rice

how to make capsicum ricehow to make curd ricehow to make sesame ricehow to make lemon rice
how to make oats curd ricehow to make olive ricehow to make kovakkai ricehow to make peanut rice
how to make bisi bele bath how to make vendekkai ricehow to make raw mango rice

Pavakkai Roast Recipe | Crispy Bittergourd Roast Recipe

Pavakkai Roast

Pavakkai is my favorite veggie. I know for some of you it may sound weird. Yes, myself and Gj love Pavakkai so much especially if it is roasted or fried. I have already posted Crispy Bitter Gourd Fries recipe. I am glad that many of you liked it. This is a very similar recipe and goes well with Sambar, Rasam, Buttermilk and Curd Rice. Hope you like this recipe too.

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Egg Kuzhambu Recipe | Egg Curry Recipe With Stepwise Pictures

Egg Kuzhambu Recipe

I make egg dishes rarely at home. If I make any egg dishes, then it would be an omelette (GYM OmeletteRice Omelette) most of the times. This Egg Kuzhambu goes well with Rice,ChappathiPhulka and even Idli/Dosa. When I am lazy, I will make this Egg Kuzhambu so that I can serve it with rice for lunch and with Rotis for dinner. Gj loves this Egg Kuzhambu so much. I wanted to post this Egg Kuzhambu recipe for a long time. Finally I am here with this tasty Egg Kuzhambu recipe.

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Kathirikkai Puli Kuzhambu | Brinjal Puli Kuzhambu Recipe

Kathrikkai Puli Kuzhambu

I should agree that I am not a lover of puli kuzhambu, but once in a while I make it for Gj. For Gj, Puli Kuzhambu should taste spicy and also have a tangy taste. In the past, I have tried several Kathirikkai Puli Kuzhambu recipes but none of them satisfied mine or Gj’s tastebuds. I tried this recipe from Chef. Jacob’s book and it tasted absolutely delicious. Both of us loved it. You can have this kuzhambu with rice and even idli/dosa. Hope you like it!

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Bread Recipes | Easy Bread Recipes For Kids

Here is a a collection of bread recipes.

Please click on the picture to see the recipe with stepwise pictures.

how to make bread upmagaram masala toast bread recipeiyengar bakery bread sandwich recipeAloo masala bread toast

how to make bread sandwichAvocado egg salad sandwich recipewheat bread capsicum sandwich how to make Bombay Toast
how to make vegetable bread sandwich


Vazhaipoo Podimas Recipe | Easy Banana Flower Recipes

Vazhaipoo Podimas Recipe

You can make podimass with almost all the veggies. I have already posted Potato Podimass recipe long time back. Now, it is time to post Vazhaipoo Podimas recipe. Vazhaipoo Podimas is one of my favorite poriyal that I make whenever I get vazhaipoo at Indian grocery stores. It goes well with Sambar, Rasam and Curd Rice.

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Side dish for Chapathi – Gravy Recipes for Roti – Easy Sidedish for Poori

A collection of easy gravies, dry curries, and dal-based recipes for chapathi, roti, and poori recipes.


how to make punjabi chole masala how to make vegetable kormahow to make turnip kormaHow to Make Potato Salna Recipe
how to make rajma curry

Paneer Curry

How to make palak paneerhow to make paneer butter masalahow to make navratan kormahow to make shahi paneer recipehow to make paneer bhurji recipe

Dry Curry

how to make brinjal rajma masala how to make cabbage capsicum poriyal How to make kovakkai potato poriyalhow to make potato broccoli poriyal

Dal-Based Curry

how to make dal makhani How to make potato moong dalhow to make dal tadka recipehow to make sindhi dal
how to make spinach moong dalhow to make spring onion kootu

Banana-Oat Smoothie | How To Make Banana Oat Smoothie

Banana Oat Smoothie

A healthy and refreshing drink for breakfast!

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Moong Dal Kheer Recipe | Pasi Paruppu Payasam Recipe | Payatham Paruppu Payasam

Moong Dal Kheer Recipe

Paruppu Payasam is one of the easiest and simplest payasam/kheer to make. I made it last week for a play date, and my guest loved it so much. Next day, they called me and said it was very tasty. I felt very happy. When you have many recipes to make on a Pooja day or when you have guest at home, then you can make this Kheer for dessert. There are many versions of Moong Dal Kheer. This is my version where I do not use coconut milk. I have just used regular milk. Paruppu Payasam is a favorite kheer throughout India. Each state call it differently in their own respective languages like Paruppu Payasam, Pesara Paruppu Payasam, Moong Dal Kheer etc. Hope you all like it too.

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Paratha Recipes – Quick Roti Recipes – Indian Paratha Recipes

Here is the collection of quick,easy Indian Paratha and Roti Recipes.

how to make aloo paratha How to make Banana Chapathihow to make phulkahow to make triangle paratha

How to make avocado chapathi Broad beans pack recipehow to make soft chapathi
how to make healthy chapathi roll

Tamil New Year Special Recipes | Vishu Recipes

Keerai Sambar Recipe Lemon Rice Recipe Manga Pachadi Recipe Manga Pachadi

            Keerai Sambar                           Lemon Rice                           Manga Pachadi                         Manga Pachadi

Moong Dal Kheer Recipe Pudina Vada Recipe Puran Poli Recipe Raw Mango Rice Recipe

     Moong Dal Payasam                        Pudina Vadai                              Puran Poli                           Raw Mango Rice

Curd Rice Recipe Medu Vadai Recipe Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe Javvarisi Semiya Payasam

             Curd Rice                                 Medhu Vadai                           Vazhaipoo Vada               Javvarisi Semiya Payasam

Corn Vadai Recipe    Masala Vadai Recipe    Pacha Payir Payasam Recipe

                     Corn Vadai                                               Masala Vadai                                      Pacha Payir Payasam

Pal Payasam Recipe        Sakkarai Pongal Recipe

                    Pal Payasam                                            Paruppu Rasam                                      Sakkarai Pongal


Side dish for Idli, Dosa, and Pongal | Chutney, Thogayal and Sambar Recipes

A collection of easy chutney, sambar and kuzhambu recipes that goes well with Idli, Dosa, Pongal and Tiffin Items.
Please click on the pictures to see the recipe with stepwise pictures.

Chutney/Thogayal Recipes

How to make beetroot thogayalHow to make tomato garlic chutneyHow to make Ginger Thogayal recipehow to make tomato mint chutney                                                                                                  
how to make kothamalli thogayalhow to make coconut chutney

Sambar Recipes, Kuzhambu Recipes and Others

how to make onion sambarhow to make avaraikkai sambarhow to make keerai sambarhow to make pavakkai pitlai

how to make hotel style sambarhow to make capsicum sambarhow to make mochai kuzhambu

how to make mushroom kuzhambu how to make turnip kormaHow to Make Potato Salna Recipe

how to make brinjal curry

Idli Dosa Podi Recipes

how to make curry leaves powderhow to make kollu podihow to make horsegram powder                                                       

Puran Poli Recipe | How to Make Pooran Poli |Easy Poli Recipe

Puran Poli Recipe

I love Poli so much. I have tried to make Poli few times, but most of the times it turns out good but not perfect as I expected. For me, Poli should be super soft and tasty. I have referred to many Poli recipes, but most of the methods suggested making like stuffed parathas. Recently, my neighbor who is pregnant, craved for Poli. She said her mom’s boli would taste out of the world. Though I may not be able to make polis like her mom, I wanted to make tasty polis for her. More than anything, I wanted to satisy her craving.

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Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe | How to Make Vazhaipoo Vadai

Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe

Vazhaipoo Vadai is one of my favorite vadais. Cleaning vazhaipoo is a time consuming task, but the dishes we make from them just taste so good. When I have vazhaipoo in my hand, I will make Vazhaipoo AdaiVazhaipoo Kootu (Banana Blossom Curry)Vazhaipoo Podimas, Vazhaipoo Poriyal etc. I have heard my friends say that Vazhaipoo Paruppu Usili also tastes so good, but I am yet to try it. I make Vazhaipoo Vadai rarely at home because I don’t get it often and also for the reason that is deep fried. It tastes so good and perfect for a tea time snack. Your kids will also love it and eat it not knowing that it is a veggie.

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Easter Recipes | Easter Recipes & Menus | Easy Easter Recipe Ideas

Sprouts Egg Fried Rice            Indian Egg Fried Rice         Kashmiri Pulao Recipe Chicken Biryani Recipe

    Sprouts Egg Fried Rice                       Indian Egg Fried Rice                            Kashmiri Pulao                       Chicken Biryani

French Biryani Recipe   Asparagus and Peas Pulao   Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe

                       French Biryani                                    Asparagus and Peas Pulao                                   Mushroom Fried Rice

Blackberry Fool Recipe   How to make Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe   How to make jeera pulao recipe

                    Blackberry Fool                                     Pineapple Upside Down Cake                                       Jeera Pulao

Apple Upside Down Cake Recipe        How to make Banana Muffin recipe        How to make Avocado Chocolate Mousse Recipe        Apple Custard Recipe

  Apple Upside Down Cake                       Banana Muffin                        Avocado Chocolate Mousse                    Apple Custard

Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe        Lemon Mug Cake Recipe        Oma Biscuit Recipe        Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

      Eggless Vanilla Cake                        Lemon Mug Cake                                 Oma biscuit                           Flourless Chocolate Cake

How to make Microwave Chocolate Cake Recipe        Custard Powder Cake Recipe        Carrot Mug Cake Recipe        Tutti Frutti Cookies Recipe

      Chocolate Mug Cake                     Custard Powder Cake                         Carrot Mug Cake                           Tutti Frutti Cookies

Jam Thumbprint Cookies RecipeAchu Murukku RecipeDates Walnut Muffin RecipeVanilla Cupcake Recipe

Jam Thumbprint Cookies                 Achu Murukku                   Dates Walnut Muffins                             Vanilla Cupcake

Vanilla Strawberry Cupcake RecipeCarrot Cupcake Recipe

Vanilla Strawberry Cupcake                                 Carrot Cupcake


Summer Special Recipes | Beverages, Drinks, Juices, Sherbets

Looking for summer drink recipes? A collection of juices, smoothies, milkshakes, lassis, popsicles etc. to slake your thirst.

Beat the heat and keep yourself cool on a warm smmer day. Enjoy!

How to Make Apple Banana MilkshakeHow to Make Apricot Lassi How to make Carrot JuiceHow to make green paradise smoothie

how to make mango lassi how to make neer moruHow to make Panagam How to make pineapple coriander popsicle

how to make avocado milkshake recipehow to make strawberry milkshakeHow to make Thandai How to make banana oats smoothie

How to make Watermelon JuiceHow to make Strawberry Slush

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