Tandoori Gobi Recipe| Make Gobi Tikka Recipe

Tandoori Gobi Recipe, Gobi Tikka Recipe

Tandoori Gobi Recipe



Tandoori Gobi or Gobi Tikka Recipe – Tandoori Gobi is very popular snack or appetizer in India. Usually, Tandoori Gobi/Gobi Tikka is made in Tandoor, but I don’t have Tandoor at home. So, I just used my oven to grill the Gobi Tikkas.


I wanted to try this Tandoori Gobi ever since I tasted this dish in a restaurant three months ago. I had it along with Jeera Pulao and Boondi Raita.


Tandoori Gobi is so tempting and delicious that you cannot resist eating them. Tandoori Gobi goes well with almost all the dishes like Biryani, Pulao and even Fried Rice.


People who are diet conscious and restricts deep fried food, can have this Tandoori Gobi happily. Tandoori Gobi is very easy to make so when you have guest at home, you can make this Tandoori Gobi and serve it to them as appetizer.


You may also like Gobi 65, which is equally an easy and delicious starter.


So lets move on to the Tandoori Gobi/Gobi Tikka recipe.

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Sambaram Recipe|Kerala Spiced Buttermilk

Sambaram Recipe, Spiced Buttermilk, Morum Vellam, Kerala Pacha Moru

Sambaram Recipe


Sambaram recipe is a light and refreshing drink of Kerala. Sambaram recipe is very similar to Neer Moru recipe or Masala Chaas. In Kerala, they call it as Sambaram, and in North India, they call it as Masala Chaas. All the recipes are almost the same except for few changes.

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Small Onion Chutney Recipe|Vengaya Chutney

Small Onion Chutney, Vengaya Chutney Recipe

Small Onion Chutney Recipe


Onion Chutney Recipe – I’ve been trying to post this Onion Chutney for the past 1 year and it never happened. Either the pictures would not turn out well or I would have lost the pictures of this onion chutney. I am happy that I am finally posting it now.

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Mango Almond Smoothie – Vegan

Mango Almond Smoothie, How to Make Mango Almond Smoothie

Mango Almond Smoothie Recipe


Mango Almond Smoothie – Ohh what a fantastic combination! Combine mangoes and almonds in a blender, and you get this creamy delicious Mango Almond Smoothie.


During my childhood days in Pondicherry, my mom used to make so many mango drink varieties for me and my brother. She would run a competition to see who drank first. Lovely memories!


I am planning to post many drink recipes this Summer. So, this week I thought I’ll post Mango Almond Smoothie recipe because it is the season of mangoes now. For those who love Lassi varieties, then please refer my Mango Lassi post.


Ohhh! what a fun it is to have this Mango Almond Smoothie on a sunny day!


All mango lovers, you are definitely going to love this smoothie so much. Make this delicious, easy and healthy mango smoothie and enjoy!


If you would like to try more mango recipes, then please check my Collection of Mango Recipes.


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Onion Bhajji Recipe|Vengaya Bhajji Recipe

Onion Bhajji Recipe, How to Make Onion Bajji

Onion Bhajji Recipe

Onion Bhajji is a crispy, delicious and spicy Indian snack similar to fritters. Onion Bhajji is a very famous snack of South India and is usually served as a snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Onion Bhajji would be crispy outside with strong caramelized onion flavor. Onion Bhajji is sometimes called as Onion Pakora in some regions.


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Pineapple Juice Recipe

Pineapple Juice Recipe, How to Make Fresh Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice is rich in so many vitamins and minerals. It is pineapple season now, and I thought I should post Pineapple Juice recipe here. I know most of you knew how to make pineapple juice, still I thought I should bookmark it here. At least it would be helpful for the beginners.

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VAZHAKKAI BAJJI | Plantain Bhajji |How to Make Bhajji

Vazhaikkai Baji Recipe

Many of you asked me why there are no bajji recipes in my blog. Bhajji is one of my all time favorite snacks on Sunday evenings.  During my childhood days, every Sunday evening, my mom would make bhajji using any two veggies like Onion Bhajji and Potato Bhajji. Next sunday, it would be another kind of bhajji using some other veggies. Sometimes, it would be bonda and pakoda too. She will make some for my paternal grandparents. Once we have our snack, we’ll go to our paternal grandparents home and spend some quality time with them. My grandmother would make dinner for us. My grandpa loves the bajji that my mom makes, but my grandmother would give him few and restrict him from having more. In my family it is vice versa. I can never say NO to bhajji. I can have as much as I could. Gj restricts me from having more, as he is a very diet conscious person. If at all I make bhajji at home, Gj will have three bhajjis and I will relish the rest. That’s why you don’t see many high calorie recipes in my blog. Okay, I am planning to post many bhajji recipes in future. For time being, enjoy the very famous Vazhaikkai Bhajji.

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Strawberry Parfait Recipe | Strawberry and Yoghurt Parfait Recipe

Strawberry Parfait Recipe

I have heard about Parfait recipes and have tasted it in restaurants too. For some reason, I always thought it needs some special ingredients. Last week, I had few granola left in my pantry and was wondering what to do with it. When I was looking for some simple recipes, I came across Parfait recipes. I went through several recipes and then came out with my own. Luckily, I had all the simple and basic ingredients that are essential for making this strawberry parfait. Gj went to work, so I thought I should surprise him by giving him this healthy dessert. He was truly impressed by the taste and also pleased when he came to know that it had only healthy ingredients in it. Try this out and you will love it!

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Black Grapes Granita Recipe | Easy Granita Recipes

How to Make Grape Granita

I make granita for my daughter Sanvi. She just loves it. If I am planning to trade her wish for something, I will make this granita recipe for her. This is very easy to make and you don’t need any fancy item to make this granita. No ice cream makers, no special equipments! Yes, all you need is a blender and may be a fork. I made this granita when I made Grape Juice, so shamelessly I am posting few pictures again. Bear with me please! Hope you like my granita recipe!

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Homemade Brown Rice Flour | How to Make Brown Rice Flour

how to make brown rice flour

My readers would know that most of the times, I make cakes using All Purpose Flour – Gluten-Free just because all purpose flour is not good for health. I started using it since two years. I make it using corn flour, rice flour and gluten-free all purpose flour. Whole foods usually sell organic brown rice or flour. I usually buy it from them. Only after a year or so, I compared the price of brown rice flour and the brown rice that I bought from stores. It was quite expensive and when you make it at home, you definitely save $$. When I learned how easy it is to make brown rice flour in less than 5 minutes, I took a deep breath because of relief that I can now make my own brown rice flour. I don’t have to run here and there to buy the brown rice flour because sometimes, it would go out of stock. Also you can avoid the gluten contamination when you make it in your kitchen. I promise making your own flour certainly would save you significant amount of money. Having said that, let’s move on the preparation.

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Egg Omelette Recipe | Egg Omelet Recipe | How to Make Egg Omelette

Egg Omelette Recipe

Whenever I think oh Egg Omelette, I have so many fond memories. When I was young, my father would take me to a cafe every sunday and order an egg omelette and bread sandwich. The triangle shaped bread and egg omelette along with jam and butter would taste absolutely delicious. Who would not like bread with jam, butter and eggs? Its my all-time favorite breakfast. My brother eats omelette with jam or tomato ketchup. When I was pregnant with Shreeya, Gj would buy a breakfast combo from Dennys every Sunday. Ohhh my God! I just love their food especially their omelette, french toast bread, butter and toasted mushroom. When we have a gathering at home, Gj would buy breakfast from Dennys. I just love their omellete. I would not be able to eat the entire omelette, as there would be 5 to 8 eggs in an omelette. It would have high calories in it, as they would also add butter in it. This egg omelette recipe is a basic omelet that we could always make at home and have anytime. I have already posted other omelet recipes like GYM Omelette (using egg whites), Rice Omelette and a vegetarian omelette Mushroom Omelette. I am adding this basic egg omelet to my list of omelet recipes.

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Ramadan Nombu Kanji Recipe | Ramzan / Iftar Recipes

How to make Ramadan Nombu Kanji

During my childhood days, I would be very excited during the festival of Ramzan. My dad has many friends who celebrate Ramzan. A week before Ramzan, they would send somebody to collect tiffin carriers from our home. I still remember my mom washing all the tiffin carriers just a week before Ramzan to give them. All of my dad’s friends who celebrate Ramzan would request to given them large tiffin carriers, but how many large tiffin carriers would we be able to have at home? Such lovely friends my dad has. They ask for large tiffin carriers only for sharing their love with us through their preparation. Any guess what comes in the large tiffin carrier??? Mutton Biryani, dessert like Kuih Lapis/Steamed Layer Cake, Mutton Keema Paratha, Dalcha, Mutton Biryani, along with the Nombu Kanji. Dad’s friends would plan with each other and each day, we would get food from a family till the Ramzan gets over. My mom would not cook for a week or so. I remember my mom giving the extra food to our neighbors too. I miss those kind of lovely food here. Whenever Ramzan is near, I tell Gj how I used to relish the preparation from my dad’s friends. Lovely days and unforgettable memories!

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Homemade Pepper Powder | How to Make Pepper Powder

How to make pepper powder

We use pepper mostly in day to day cooking. Pepper powder has many names like kali mirch powder, kali miri powder etc. I use pepper powder a lot in my recipes. Usually, I grind them once a month and store it in an airtight container. As peppercorns are dry, making pepper powder is a very simple and easy task. Also you can be very confident that homemade pepper powder will not have tiny sticks or stones it it. Homemade pepper powder is unadulterated and more aromatic than the store-bought ones. Having said that, come lets learn to make pepper powder at home.

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Mango Avocado Salad | Mango and Avocado Salad Recipe

Mango Avocado Salad Recipe

During a playdate, Sanvi’s friend’s mom said that she loves mango and avocado salad so much. Both mangoes and avocados are in season now, so I thought I should try it out. She also said the salad is very easy and simple to make. I decided to try it out for Sunday dinner because that is when I would be very tired and waiting to rest. Also Gj loves salad, so he would happily love to have it for dinner. It just took 5 minutes for me to make this wholesome salad. Even if you are not a salad person, try this salad and you’ll love it.

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Beetroot and Carrot Raita Recipe |Easy Beetroot Carrot Raita Recipe

How to make beetroot and carrot raita

When I write this post, I am thinking about my mom because she explores a lot with raitas. She can make different varieties of raitas. Sometimes, she will come up with some weird combination, but they would taste great. I learned a lot of raita recipes from my mom when she came here to help me. I made this beetroot and carrot raita three days back and had it along with Corn Pulao. It tasted so great. I love the color of the raita too. it had such a vibrant pink color and Sanvi loved it. She said hereafter I should make this raita whenever I make biryani or pulao. I am so pleased that she liked it because Sanvi is quite difficult to be pleased when it comes to food. Gj also loved it and the moment he saw it, he never thought it was made of beetroot and carrot. Try it out and your family will love it.

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Banana Ice Cream Recipe | Homemade Banana Ice Cream

how to make homemade banana ice cream

The idea of making Banana Ice Cream popped up when I made Banana Soft Serve. This is a creamier and thicker than the Banana Soft Serve. It tastes so good and has the rich flavor of bananas. When we buy banana ice cream from ice cream parlors, we would not have control over the quantity of sugar. Whereas when we make Banana Ice Cream at home, we know what is going into it and also we could reduce the quantity of sugar in it. Mostly, I make ice creams at home and I am happy that my family loves it. This year, I wanted to post a lot of ice cream recipes. Last week, I posted Banana Soft Serve and this week it is banana ice cream. Next week, I will try to post grape granita. Hope you all this banana ice cream.

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Mango Sambar Recipe | How to Make Mango Sambar | Mango Dal Recipe

Mango Dal Recipe

Of all Sambars, I love Mango Sambar the most followed by Drumstick Sambar. Mango Sambar is very flavorful and easy to make. During mango season, I will definitely make mango sambar, Mango Lassi, Raw Mango RiceRaw Mango Pachadi – With Jaggery and Mango Pachadi (With Sugar). I just cannot say no to these recipes. I am not a big fan of sambar. After my wedding, I learned to make Sambar only after 6 months. Gj likes my Avaraikkai Sambar and Mango Sambar so much. I wanted to post Mango Sambar last year itself, but did not find time. Finally, I am posting Mango Sambar recipe this year. Hope you all like it.

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Mango Recipes | Indian Mango Recipes

A collection of mango and raw mango recipes.
Please click on the picture to view the recipe with stepwise pictures.

how to make manga pachadi how to make mango pachadi how to make mango lassi how to make mango shrikhand how to make raw mango rice

how to make mango cream how to make mango pickle Mangai Thengai Thogayal how to make mango juice how to make mango dal

Mango and Avocado Salad


Broccoli Paratha Recipe

Gj likes to have broccoli at least once in a week because of its health benefits. For me, I like to eat broccoli only in certain dishes like Biryani, Noodles, Pulao and Fried Rice. Last week, my friend shared this Broccoli Paratha recipe. I gave it a try that evening itself and the taste was simply “Wow”. Gj simply loved it. We had it along with Onion Raita. For those who don’t like broccoli much, you can consider making this broccoli paratha. You will definitey relish it.

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Apple Pomegranate Smoothie | Easy Fruit Smoothies

How to Make Apple Pomegranate Smoothie

For the past two weeks, I’ve been making smoothies for Gj and Sanvi. If they like it, then I would make it again and take pictures. I made this smoothie last Friday, both father and daughter loved it. Why would I wait? So here comes the Pomegranate Apple Smoothie.

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